How to make a successful Facebook page

I have already told you that I love technology. We are living in the world where technology is its centrepiece. As English teachers there is a whole world open to us. This is why I decided to create a Facebook page for my students.

I started by logging to my Facebook profile and clicking the button Create Page. Step by step, I was nearer to my goal.

I realized that the name of the page is very important, so I have chosen English 4u.  Of course, there are many other pages using this name, but I wasn’t disheartened. I have found a great photo to accompany it. It’s the tube sign for the station White City in London. What is better than to choose the same name as the name of my students’ hometown. Belgrade (Serbian: Beograd) is the capital of Serbia, and my students and I live here. As a cover photo I have chosen a photo of our school.

So everything was ready for this Facebook adventure. I started with a few funny pictures, then a bit of grammar… I told my students about it. At first they were a little suspicious. What does she know about Facebook? However, in a few days many of them decided to join me. They loved when they could see our classroom and their work on the page.

Recently I have found out a great boosting application – the Top Fan. It calculates who is the most active fan on the page. I have promised my students to reward them for their activity and they were thrilled. There are always those who complain saying he/she is only liking and not writing comments and so on… but, it’s always like that and we must accept both good and negative sides of the Internet.

My overall impression is that this is an excellent helping tool for the classroom. It gives you an opportunity to be creative on the one hand but also to pay students attention to this interesting and unconventional way of learning.


As happy as a hippo! Ha, isn’t it great? I like the sound of this simile. It just makes you happy.

There are so many beautiful similes in English language. Here are some of them – as busy as a bee, as fast as lightning, as bright as day, as stupid as a donkey, as cunning as a fox, as straight as an arrow, as silly as a goose, as easy as ABC, as cheerful as a lark, as changeable as the moon, as cool as a cucumber, as fierce as a tiger, as poor as a church mouse, as mute as a fish and so many more.


My favourite one is: as snug as a bug in a rug. Don’t you just love it?

If you stop for a moment and try to translate these into your mother tongue, a whole new world will appear. A simile is a figure of speech and it is easy to accept the pattern and play with words. Don’t hesitate to use them because only then you realize variety and richness of the world surrounding us.

Useful links and tools

Here are some useful links and tools for learning English language.



There are also some tools that could make your learning easier:


Creating this blog

I must tell you I am a bit confused at the moment. I am thinking what I should write. I mean, a blog? What’s that?

Well, I am no stranger to the Internet and new technologies. Actually, I love surfing the net. However, writing articles that could be read by anyone is not my cup of tea.

Still, here I am trying to figure out where this will lead me to. More

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