As happy as a hippo! Ha, isn’t it great? I like the sound of this simile. It just makes you happy.

There are so many beautiful similes in English language. Here are some of them – as busy as a bee, as fast as lightning, as bright as day, as stupid as a donkey, as cunning as a fox, as straight as an arrow, as silly as a goose, as easy as ABC, as cheerful as a lark, as changeable as the moon, as cool as a cucumber, as fierce as a tiger, as poor as a church mouse, as mute as a fish and so many more.


My favourite one is: as snug as a bug in a rug. Don’t you just love it?

If you stop for a moment and try to translate these into your mother tongue, a whole new world will appear. A simile is a figure of speech and it is easy to accept the pattern and play with words. Don’t hesitate to use them because only then you realize variety and richness of the world surrounding us.


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