About the blog

I must tell you I am a bit confused at the moment. I am thinking what I should write. I mean, a blog? What’s that?

Well, I am no stranger to the Internet and new technologies. Actually, I love surfing the net. However, writing articles that could be read by anyone is not my cup of tea.

Still, here I am trying to figure out where this will lead me to.

I am an English teacher and I come from Serbia. I have been teaching English for 8 years. I have no expectations of what will become of my attempt of blogging. I intend to write about my everyday experience in teaching English,  to communicate with anyone interested in languages, to share ideas, to give advice if possible, and to have a great time while doing that. I would like to mention my students who are an exquisite reminder of every teacher’s need to be up-to-date. They keep us fit and inquisitive at all times. They don’t let us forget that every language changes every day and that we must be ready to embrace their curiosity and use it for their benefit.

Well, that’s all from me at this point. Hope we will find common topics and enjoy this adventure together.


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